Teaching Method

KPS realizes that though the adoption of technology in imparting need based and goal oriented education is the need of the hour, technology is not a substitute for but supplementary to conventional methods of instruction. The teaching methodology at KPS is a balanced amalgamation of conventional and modern methods of teaching-learning processes.

With technology making huge strides and world undergoing sea changes, education cannot lag behind. We at Koncept Public School have clearly realized this need and hence have made elaborate arrangements for our students to be in perfect sync with modern day science and technology. As it is highly probable that our students may be using technology that is yet to be invented or even thought of, it is indeed our responsibility to make our students abreast with all latest developments in the world.

Modern teaching methodology

Although KPS adopts chalk & board education system for many classes, we are slowly transforming ourselves into the digital groove, so that our students do not lag behind in this competitive age. With massive investments in digital classrooms for world-class education, we have partnered with ‘Topper’, an e-learning module of Network 18 media group. Also, most of the classes are being conducted using audiovisual digital techniques with the aid of the internet, thus paving way for better understanding of concepts.

As KPS believes in wide horizon education system with plethora of concepts, it becomes very easy for us to groom personalities of our students and make them better citizens. Our students are also infused not only with crux of knowledge but also the feeling of necessity to create better world for future human race. Hence we always urge our students to develop professional skills and qualities that can easily quest their thirst of knowledge power.

Pre-Primary Sections

AT KPS, we nourish the thought of developing learners and not verbatim reproducing photocopying machines. With the key focus on learners, we devise our entire teaching methodology and make learning more resourceful and meaningful. We bring up the minds of these tiny tots and permanently embed the thirst of knowledge through creativity.

Primary and high school sections

No two students are same and everybody is limited by their own capabilities. The entire concept of our teaching methodology is focused on the above statement and hence we offer personalized attention on every student. With the help of this simple and efficient approach, no student lingers with the thought of being left out. Infact our teaching process has evolved so much that students do not realize that they are being taught; with their minds stimulated and creative skills allowed to breach, the whole learning experience becomes highly enjoyable at the classroom. We at KPS could manage this deployment of techniques due to low student: teacher ratio, as it easily paves way for personalized care and individual attention.

Higher secondary sections

As students gear themselves for one of the important milestones in their learning curve, we identify the aptitude and knowledge based skills of every student and thereby offer individual attention for their career growth. Be it for specialized coaching for IIT, PMT or NEET through expert faculties, we offer one of the top notch environments for smooth progression in career.