Smart Classroom

Although KPS adopts chalk & board education system for many classes, we are slowly transforming ourselves into the digital groove, so that our students do not lag behind in this competitive age. With massive investments in digital classrooms for world-class education, we have partnered with ‘Topper’, an e-learning module of Network 18 media group. Also, most of the classes are being conducted using audiovisual digital techniques with the aid of the internet, thus paving way for better understanding of concepts. As KPS believes in the wide horizon education system with a plethora of concepts, it becomes very easy for us to groom personalities of our students and make them better citizens.

Our students are also infused not only with the crux of knowledge but also the feeling of necessity to create a better world for the future human race. Hence we always urge our students to develop professional skills and qualities that can easily quest their thirst of knowledge power.

Computer Labs

We are one of the few schools in the region to offer outstanding computer and information technologies as an integral part of the curriculum for the betterment of our students. Our computer science laboratory is rich with the latest configuration of devices backed up by an uninterrupted power supply so that students get a good grasp of IT skills at the right age. As all the computers are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, students are always presented with excellent opportunities to learn educational concepts in the web and thereby gain immense benefits such as the gathering of educational materials and information pertaining to their project and assignments.

Moreover, students are also encouraged to learn latest programming languages, gain hands-on experience of software applications and gear themselves for the rigid challenges of information technology industry