Message From Chairman Sir

Of all created things, the loveliest and the most divine are children”, said William canton. Students are born with the abundant intellectual strength and extensive imagination. K.P.S. is a temple of learning where students can exhibit their creative abilities. The innate talents of students are tapped and brought to limelight through K.P.S. It gives me immense pleasure to express my high opinion and gratitude towards the parents and people of my society and locality who have encouraged and appreciated me for my intellectual journey with budding and brilliant children of my society.

KPS can play a predominant role in developing sound values which can alone help an individual when faced with conflicting situations. I pay my benign tribute to my ‘Pitaji’ Late ShriKaliprasanaSarangi and Guruji Late. Shri P. N. Sarangi who inspired me to take the responsibility to render an opportunity for the students and ignited youth, the most powerful resource on the earth to exhibit their inherent, latent and untapped potential to excel both in a scholastic and co-scholastic arena. I will be fully committed to a great mission of man making through education so that the student's ma blossom into creative enlightened citizens. I wish, our team of KPS may impart quality education and pay contribution to the efforts of Social and National development.

- Jitendra Sarangi