About KPS

KPS school is a personalized co-educational, residential cum day school affiliated to the CBSE up to class XII. It was established in 2008 with the purpose of giving top quality, reasonable and worthwhile education, mainly to the children from the deprived areas. Despite challenges, the school continues to be finding itself progressively in aiming of its objectives. It delivers outstanding Board results every year. KPS is building a symbol for itself during this short period of its existence. Education at KPS is a well-balanced blend of regular and advanced technology.


It possesses a brilliant infrastructure, calm ambiance for studying & have experienced and skilled teaching staff. It is extended over 4 acres. This day boarding cum residential School is 6 KM away from the hustle-bustle of the city life catering to the everyday requirements of reducing socio-economic strata, Maoist impacted and orphan children from the tribal belt of Jharkhand. The school possesses a primary building, a nursery wing, and a multi-purpose hall, a canteen as well as 2 hostels. KPS also provide full proof CCTV security, Audiovisual, and Computer lab attached to LAN & Wi-Fi.

About our Chairman

The school is a manifestation of the underlying commitment of our Hon’ble chairman Mr. Jitendra Sarangi, to disseminate the light of quality education among the needy. Born and brought up in a small town like CKP, hailing from a humble background and carving a niche for himself as an entrepreneur in Mumbai, and recipient of various awards like IEDRA Rashtriya Shiksha Ratan Award

  • SME Award from Vadodara Chamber of Commerce
  • Mother Teresa Award from an NGO in A.P
  • Best Performer Award by Siemens Ltd

Mr. Sarangi himself has been the replica of the protagonist of the proverbial rags to riches story. His message to all is “Winners never quit, quitters never win”. So dream big, get big. Little things attract little minds.

About Late Shri Kaliprasanna Sarangi

Sincere homage to the dedicated soul who strove lifelong to excel the values of social system and humanity.

“One Can Evade Mortality by One’s Immortal Deeds”

Kaliprasanna Sarangi was born in 1913 to a noble family at Chakradhapur. Nurtured in the pre-Independence era, Kaliprasanna Jee a staunch supporter of Gandhian Philosophy was counted among the front-runners of the struggle for independence in the locality. After Independence, he continued his struggle in the same vein for the upliftment of the downtrodden. He was a firm conviction that education only, can change the grim scenario of the society and striving to achieve the end, Kaliprasanna jee pioneered the establishment of Schools in this part of the land. His good efforts were acknowledged by the government time and again.

Kaliprasanna jee possessed a multi – dimensional and a charismatic personality. He had a good command over Ayurvedic medicine which he used for community service and received wide acclamation as ‘Kalu Maharaj’. He had great compassion for the sufferers and empathized with them at the time of distress.

The KPS foundation in general and our Koncept Public School, in particular, are only small tributes to commemorate his immortal service to mankind.